Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So I have started about 15 entries in the last few months- none of which I can seem to finish and post. So fuck it. Pictures- that’s what I got right now. Pictures.

Emily and Sabine.

Getting Drunk with Mimi and Santi before Christmas.

My godsons that are so cute I could die.

Damaris’s Birthday Jamboree.


And my birthday – what up 31…nice.

Haven’t been working this week _thus the time to upload pics and such. It’s been awesome…. Tate and I so live together- the place really feels like its OURS. We spent the week tinkering around making meals and fixing little things up here and there- sold a bunch of shit on ebay and clearing out the garage (which is crammed with shit) and going to the dentist and that kinda stuff.

I could be the best professional unemployed person…. Damn it to hell that I can’t be. But it sure is nice this week!!!

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