Saturday, December 18, 2004


I can’t think of anything substantial to write.. only opening know they way we start blogs… and so…

THE FLOWERS By my bedside table are finally wilting

I WANTED To go to that party tonight…but I eni-meni-mighted it so may times and every time it came up no…so I didn’t go

FINALLY I went and say good theater in LA tonight… twice

I LOVE IT WHEN My frys at McDonalds are salted well

HELLO My little soon to be Italian cats… do you know that I’m going to put you on a plane to be taken so far away? DO you have any idea?

I’M ACTUALLY Remembering why I love this city… pity really

CREATIVITY Is totally the best feeling in the world…

ITS BEEN A LONG TIME Since I really FELT like an artist.. I did this week… its nice.

ID LOVE TO SHOW YOU My Christmas presents that I made, but on the off chance my family might check this, I can’t . Let me just say I am proud of the work I’ve done over the past few days.

WHAT THE HELL Are my friends going to do without me when I’m gone? More to the point, what am I going to do without them?

I LOVE Christmas- everyone is too busy to call- so I don’t have to feel guilty about not calling them back.

SHOWERING Is overrated.

AMAZING I had forgotten what it was like to be inspired by music… especially when it’s by your friends.

BY THE WAY for those of you keeping track, I am borrowing a car right now

AND FINALLY I think I will miss my weekly episodes of the oc the most.

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megan said...

these are great. but what's with "showering is overrated?" HA!