Tuesday, January 11, 2005


its been almost a month since I've written. SO MUCH has happened, I suppose I've just been too busy to write about it all.

For starters, I am officially out of my apartment. As of the 10th of January I was out. What a haul to get out. But I am organized and so put together- I now am down to odds and ends of things to get done before I am off.

Also I was in Colorado for a week or so visiting and relaxing and building snowmen (only to get drunk and knock them over) and building a bon-fire on new years…. It was so great to be there- me, and my whole family all crammed into this tiny house sharing one bathroom having a blast. My big project was doing an awesome horse paint by number while I was there. Really ugly and really fun. (My father made me give it to him… ridiculous)

Speaking of ridiculous, I was diagnosed this morning with having shingles. SHINGLES!!!!! It’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, but I have this tiny weird rash, and as it turns out its fucking shingles. It’s such an old lady disease. Actually it’s really an encore of the chicken pox, or some such shit… who the fuck cares. I’m on drugs, it’s going to go away, it won’t last long, it doesn’t itch, it’s not painful…it’s just, fucking, SHINGLES. Hilarious really. But watch out…if you haven’t had chicken pox- I can give them to you… how dope is that? I’m carrying “the pox” My father and I have been coming up with nicknames for me- his current favorite right now is “shingles the clown”- “shingles” is a close second. Dad says I should become a roofer… it’s getting stupid around here- but what are you gonna do with shingles??? Good grief.

On a more serious note I am starting to have serious second thoughts about traveling with the cats. I am so torn over what is the MORE responsible thing to do, take them with me- don’t abandon them- freak em out, but at least we are TOGETHER. OR, go to Rome get an apartment and get situated and then come back for them… I guess If I felt like I had someone I could trust to leave them with that would make the decision easier, but that isn’t the case at all. Or more pointedly the people I trust can’t take them. Which is kind of freaking me out (probably why I got “the shingles” they’re stress related)… I don’t know. But I have been proceeding with plans as if they too are getting on a plane with me in 19 days.

19 days. Holy mother fucking shit.

That’s like- really soon. I’m TRIPPING. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this- I am near panicked, but really excited, but nervous and happy, and scared…and HOLY SHIT. Rome. I’m going to LIVE IN ROME in like, two and half weeks.


But there are fun times ahead until then- Vicki is coming to town, Damaris’s birthday, a HUGE goodbye party. good shit-

For now I am praying for a job to come along to give me extra $$$$$. I have been filling my days with, running errands, going to my storage (seems like there is always a reason), canceling credit cards…all that kinda shit. It’s fun to get rid of everything. This weekend I am having a huge yard sale (if it ever stops fucking raining. Holy shit it’s been raining since the 27th of December. Gimme a f-ing break.)

Anyway. That’s all. Crazy shit. For now, me and my shingles are going to bed.

I’ll be in touch sooner than later.


amyfronch said...

Oh, my poor little Shingle.
I'm coming to the yard sale, you have to tell me when. Those leopard foot stools...remember?
I would take the cats, but...well, ya know.
And don't forget about fancy dinner...
Advice: Enjoy your last days in LA! Look around, take your time, don't be in such a rash...I mean, rush. Sorry.
Loving you.

megan said...

shingles? how random is that? for-shingle my dingle. i couldn't help it.
dude, soooo soon! i can't believe it. crazy in fact. OH, and thanks for the cd. rad. i have a prezzie for you, but i didn't send it because well, it's like a trinkety thing that you'll just have to put in storage. don't want to clutter your life with more junk. so fuck it. good luck getting over your disease and like amy said, enjoy LA while it lasts. loving!