Thursday, January 13, 2005



Oh my dear sweet shingles-
How you make my arm tingle
Your virus thru my blood mingles
Reminding the world why I should probably be single

Red, itchy, painful spots
Blisters, boils- fucking blots
They told me herpes you are not
Although that’s a story I have not bought

I’ve got the shings- what can I say
As I get older, I’ve begun to decay
Fucking hell, I wish they’d just go away
But I’ve got to stay strong- never to dismay

But I say fuck it- it’s not my fault
How am I to fight such a physical assault
One day all this will halt…
Until then I’ll just eat a shit load of salt…

I’m really not that worried, I mean I’ll survive
So what if I can’t sleep or drive
It’s not like I’ve got hives
Some time you gotta take the shings in stride.

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