Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, for the first time in a very very long time, I am feeling downright merry.

It's been over a year since i wrote, and i doubt my of my once faithful readers ever check back anymore. But damn it i'm happy. Happy enough even to write about it.

I have SO MUCH to be grateful for this year, it's pretty absurd.

Tate and I are so happy and healthy and feeling and looking great, it's so so nice. Tate got sober 7 months ago, and it totally changed our lives, everything is so much easier, and calmer, and happier. No more drunken melodramatic fights... bliss. It's been a lot of work, and emotional upheaval, but what a payoff.

And i worked more this year then i think i ever have, and there is money both in the checking and in the savings... what a gift. I bought a new car last week, and then, with virtually no effort, i sold my car. To the first guy who came to see it. He even paid me cash. Jesus! What an amazing thing.

The present- which i find myself intensely grounded in these days- is just that. A gift. I feel so lucky- to have my health, and to be happy, and to be loved and supported. My cup really is over brimming.

The wedding is next June, and its going to be amazing. We are going to have a wonderful party, and all the pieces are in place. Catering, DJ, Dress, flowers...blah blah blah blah!! And we broke down and decided to just invite a bunch of people, so while it's still small, everyone who needs to, will be there. That is a relief.

And the cats are good, and the apartment is JUST BEAUTIFUL. And we made Tate his own room, we call it the man cave, and i have my own office.

And things just couldn't be better.

So i don't need a pinch, because my eyes are open. And as i look around i see that my life is very very good, and i am very very grateful to be here.


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Jessie said...

hi chase! i check in on your blog every few months.. nice to see a new one! i am glad you are doing so well.. keep it up!
email me

(jessie ayers)