Saturday, October 16, 2004


I didn’t really watch TV when I was in Europe. I mean, maybe from time to time in I saw some terrible variety show in Italian, or some shit in a hotel room or in a bar.

But today, in my hung over state I watched TV and movies, and ate Mexican and sat on my couch ALL DAY.

It was delicious. Today is my only day off this week- and I was hung over from Mimi’s Birthday party last night- and I just kinda needed to veg out.

Oh and I did. It was spectacular. I caught up on weeks and weeks of tivo. Saw season finales, season premieres… old sex in the city. I basically fit a month of TV into one day.

But now it’s 11:30pm and I’m going to bed. Because I have to go to work tomorrow. And I am suddenly back at work in the middle of a huge hard job- making money so I can leave.

Oh yes- and pretty big news- it’s official Alejandro is coming to the LA for his first ever American visit. He will be here for 10 days in November, for my birthday and thanksgiving.

It’s pretty fucking sweet.

It’s kinda like watching TV all day.

Only better.


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amyfronch said...

can't wait to meet Ali.
can we make up some pretend thanksgiving traditions where the newest member of a family (him) has to dress up like a yam or eat turkey lard or something? 'cause he won't know any better, and it's fun to take advantage of the foreigns.
that is, after all, the great american way.