Saturday, October 23, 2004


I’m not really the kind of person that works for free. I don’t volunteer or offer my time. I’m more of a “can I write you a check?” kinda gal. I like to donate- just not usually my time.

SO when I volunteered to work the merchandise table at a Martin Sexton ( concert the other night I was pretty surprised with myself.

And even more surprising was that I had a fucking blast.

For one thing- I’m a huge Marty fan- I’ve seen about 10 of his shows and it’s always a pretty amazing experience. Marty is a singer songwriter type who has the MOST AMAZING voice- and a range that boarders on insane. Every time I have ever been to one of his shows I have always been nestled deep in the crowd quietly singing along and letting him rock my world.

Not this time. This time I was that girl behind the table during the entire show with a view of the stage a beer in my hand talking to people, selling shirts, cds, stickers and answering questions. I was sort of shocked how much I knew about his career and all his music… I had no idea I was such a Martin Sexton head.

But as the night wore on and people asked more and more specific questions about the tour, about what album is that song on- which bootleg is the best… I totally had all the answers, and when I didn’t I just sort of made it up- and because I was behind the merch table- and people believed me… It was hilarious.

Anyway at some point his manager came up and said- get out in the crowd- take a break. So I walked out during halleluiah and it was so bizarre… because once I was in the crowd I thought to myself “oh yea, I’ve done this before- I love this show…” it was really odd to be there- but having such a different experience.

It was as if, I was at his show, but not. But some how more. It was a great night.

Any way, I don't know that I will start voluteering for the fire department senior dance anytime soon. But it was pretty cool to do something nice for marty.

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