Monday, October 04, 2004


Started crying this morning. Shit. Have no idea if I’ll ever be able to stop. All I want in the world is to come back here. I figure it’s at least 3 months… wait for the holidays- and then 2005 brings me back.

I have a huge list of things to do today- go back to the coliseum, buy that bag, get food and wine and coffee to bring home….. buy the apartment and vespa magazines, get a picture by the pyramid… and try not to cry.

Thank god so many of my girls will be in NYC to greet me with open arms. I am going to seriously need some support when I get home. Thank god for them.

So I am trying to keep my shit together so I can still be HERE for my last 2 days.


On a different note- I have been eating out so much lately and I haven’t really reported about it in a while- but the food is so amazing. Lamb chops, pasta with carbonara, and homemade ravioli, meet filled tortellini, tiramisu, gelato, oh my god the FUCKING WINE, and espressos, and crème caramel, and steak, and DID I SAY RED WINE, grappa is evil…, and mozzarella and fucking hell the pizza… oh god spinach, veal (yes veal, Mimi and santi can be proud)…it’s all just so good.

I had the pleasure of being pre menstrual last week and as a result went thru one of those- “I could eat and never stop” days. And so I just let myself. I had 5 meals that day. It was SO AWESOME. I didn’t really eat for about a day and a half after- but that one day I had panini, pizza, pasta, steak in red wine sauce, more pasta and then another slice of pizza. Rome is definitely the best place in the world to binge eat. Bulimics unite- I have found your Mecca.

Anyway. I am off. My last blog from Rome will be tomorrow.

See you all soon. Don’t panic if I’m different. Don’t panic if I’m not.

That’s actually a note to myself. Don’t panic. It’s just America. Don’t panic Chase. Don’t panic.

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amyfronch said...

I had a dream last night that you were back from Italy, and on a couch telling me how it all was. You looked how you looked when I met you, eighteen, hair down to your waist. You emmitted an eighteen year old happiness, too. It was a good dream. Can't wait to see you with something other than my mind's eye.
xoxoxo Ames