Friday, October 08, 2004


It is such an amazing thing to have good women in your life. Especially when you've just fallen in love and all you want to do is gush about your boyfriend and look at pictures and watch video tape... and have them tell you how cute he is, and how sweet he seems and oh my god he's such a babe, and your so lucky and "tell me more tell me more"

I felt like I was in grease. You know, summer lovin, had me a blast.

I think I needed to tell them all about it to somehow validate it- make it real. Before then it was still all mine- just in my head- now it's out there- shared. Real.

And they were so good- oohing and ahhing at all the right times- listening to my every story so intently- the way only a group of your closest girls can.

Last night we were exactly the kind of scene all men wonder about when they ask "what do you girls talk about when you get together on ladies night?" Last night we were FULL force.

It was exactly what I needed.

I have spoken a few times to my man- and it's tough. Long distance is a bitch and it's been years since I've done this. It's also been years since I cared enought to try... Talking on the phone sucks- and when calling italy it's also- EXPENSIVE. but fuck it right?

I do have to say that I LOVE text messages. I can totally send him notes all day and it's cheap.

This is gonna suck I can already tell. But I'mma do it.

Cuz love is worth it.

(oh my god someone shoot me I sound like I'm in some terrible romantic comedy with jessica alba or mandy moore or something...gag).

Anyway- I love my ladies and I want to say thank you to them for letting me fall into them.... love my girls. LOV-ING-AHH.

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amyfronch said...

Don't forget there are some girlies on this coast gearing up their oohs and aahs, too.