Sunday, October 03, 2004


Wow- went on a long drive yesterday to Tivoli and to all the neighboring villages- it was so breathtakingly beautiful. Found abandoned castles and little hillside villages- and long winding single lane country roads. Hopped a fence and stole grapes from a vineyards. Stared at a waterfall for hours…it was a great great day.

It’s total paradise here.

I can’t wait to come back and find a little apartment of my own- I actually found a village I wouldn’t mind living in a writing my memoirs in… I wish.

Does anyone have any contacts in Publishing? Seriously- I HAVE to come to Italy to write. I just need someone to pay me for it.

All is well- We went to THE MOST INCREDIBLE dinner for Alejandro’s birthday. His sister used to work there- it was on the top of a hill with this majestic view and it’s one of those places where you don’t order they just bring you food- holy shit it was out of control. Then we went driving thru the center at night- which is really amazing. The tiny roman alleys in the center are always so busy during the day but to have them all to yourself in the middle of the night is just the best.

I willed my cold away. I feel fine. I’m sure I’ll collapse when I get home. But until then….

I’m off time to have some coffee. (oh yes- for those of you that remember me as a decaf only girl…yea, that’s way fucking over- the Italians have shown me the perfected art of coffee. God bless them.)

Missing you all


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Ariel said...

I have lots of contacts in publishing. Whatcha lookin' for?