Thursday, September 30, 2004


Back in Rome and I’m sorry I haven’t written in the ol blog- but I’ve had a crazy couple of days. We got back and I couldn’t believe how happy I was to be here. England definitely made me appreciate this city. It was great to get back, jump on my vespa and go. I spent a bunch of hours finally seeing things and stores and churches and paintings and restaurants that people told me I should see while I was here. I didn’t really have the chance to see them before- and now that I am leaving I feel the distinct need to see all that shit. Loren Jenkins was resoundingly right on all the tips he gave me. Yes, Giolittis really IS the best gelato in the city- and the Caravaggio’s in the St Francis church ARE a marvel to behold…. Good looking out.

Yesterday Alejandro and I took the train down south to a small coastal town called Terracina to pick up a Vespa that was being repaired. In classic Italian fashion we were told to be there at one and of course the bike wasn’t ready until 6pm. So we spent the day at the beach hanging out- and Ali got paid for it. It was a totally unexpected great day. (Admittedly the 2 hour drive home was a bit chilly.) Driving on the back of a Vespa in the dark is a lot like being in the back seat of a convertible- you get a bit blown about and the extremities go a bit numb. It was an adventure…

Today is Alejandro’s birthday and I am taking him out to super fancy dinner tonight…we are going to his favorite restaurant in Rome- and I am totally looking forward to getting all dressed up and eating fancy yummy….

I am fighting off a cold with all my heart and soul. Had a bit of a scratchy throat yesterday- and today I have a runny nose and the cough has begun. But I am ignoring it as best as I can- I went to the pharmacy to think maybe I’d get some medicine. Anyone know how to say non-drowsy decongestant in Italian? Good grief.

I refuse to be sick my last few precious days in Rome.

But the clock is ticking- and I will be in the big Apple on Wednesday the 6th. Which is far more than I can fathom at this point.

Once I get home my whole life will revolve around getting the hell back here. I need to learn Italian, sell the car, rent the apartment, vote for Kerry and get the hell out of dodge.

That being said, I am actually beginning to look forward to going home. I feel like this trip was the perfect length and I am so happy I gave myself the extra week. I needed it. But I am looking forward to seeing all of you and being in my house and seeing my cats and just being AT HOME. And I want to eat dinner at my parents house with my family. I think I am looking forward to that the most.

Ok- I will write more soon.

Ciao ciao.

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