Monday, September 20, 2004


So I am off to London in the morning- and after much deliberation I have decided to NOT bring my computer- I haven’t the adapter for England and funds being what they are don’t want to buy one. So if I am a bit in-communicado for a while not to worry- I will be back at my beloved internet point in a week.

Had a crazy day of packing- running around- shipping boxes to the states- shopping (ahh the guilt runs deep for the souvenirs) and the like. But I am almost done with it all- and then I am off to London and I will return in a week. I will check in when I can.

Love to you all.

Big ben here I come.



1 comment:

megan said...

dude, you can go to easy everything for the internet in london. they are all over. and cheap. like 1 pound per hour.