Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Hello and greetings. First off I’d just like to thank you all for writing me and telling me that your reading. It’s odd that so many of you are reading all this shit…but it’s nice too.

I got quite drunk last night and that made this morning not so fun. I had some friends over to my apartment (always the host..it’s in my blood) we got quite drunk and had a grand old time. When I get drunk I start talking like a brit…it’s a fucking problem. Too many years at acting school I suppose- but it’s hard not to do it. No one seems to mind- I don’t even think anyone notices but me…but I can understand how one could loose their accent over time…. But every now and then I’ll say something like “ya’ll” and they’ll laugh at me. Good times.

Anyway- tough morning- but I shined it on and one of my new friends Clair is a tour guide- so she took me on one of her tours today thru the st. Sebastian catacombs. Holy fucking shit. 3 floors down of the dark cold tunnels that used to have dead people in them. Then in the middle there is this huge room- with a fucking church in it…it was like nothing I had ever seen. It was amazing. I can’t tell you. We went to a bunch more places and saw all kinds of churches, and I saw peters chains…poor fucking peter.

It’s about 7p and I have a hankering for some serious fucking pasta. I am going to bed early tonight as I am taking an audience with the pope in the morning.

I figure there should be some heathens in the crowd tomorrow when blessed everyone. Heathens know this: tomorrow I represent us all. Fucking blessed we art.

Oh yes and just as an update- the vespa is insane. It’s black and shiny and I love it so much. I can’t believe I even bothered for a week without one. I’ve rented it for the next two weeks- so I am fully mobile. It’s parked right outside my apartment as we speak. I got so incredibly lost yesterday- I accidentally got on the altostrati and holy shit when I finally got off I was in some parking lot that scooters aren’t allowed in… it was ridiculous. But I got out and discovered that I was right in the center of the villa borghese. Which is essentially Rome’s central park. It was so stunning. And the view of the city from up on high (cuz it’s on a hill) was really really magic.


I love getting lost and finding my way- pulling over with my map- and talking to myself the whole time- reciting the experience so that I never forget how precious this moment is and how wonderful it is to be alive right now.


megan said...

why oh why does one have to travel to feel these sorts of highs? it's true though, you feel thee most alive when you're in a foreign country, doing it, navigating it, meeting those who inhabit it. why is that? and why is it so hard to feel that alive in your own town? that is the question...

mimi said...

Well, Well,
We're all very gealous and excited for you. Santi and I just went to Telluride for the festival where it snowed for fuck's sake. The weather sounds much better over there. I'm running into class from the library, but I just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you and I'll write more soon. Lots of love,

amyfronch said...

Say hi to the Holy See for me tomorrow. Remind him that I faxed the Vatican when i was 12 asking why I couldn't be an altar boy -- still waiting to hear back.
Of course, Jesus didn't return my prayers for a puppy and pubic hair, either.
Ugh, Catholics.