Friday, September 17, 2004


My fucking foot hurts. A few weeks ago while I was still in the states with my brother- we got shit faced and I took a tumble which hurt my foot. It hurt pretty bad for a few days- I even resorted to the use of a cane at one point- but after some ice and some rest- no problem- I was fine.

And so. The other night I did a walking tour of Rome in my flip flops and I think I reinjured the fucking thing. I don’t know what happened but when I woke up it hurt- a lot. Like – oh shit- I know this pain.


So I limped my way thru the most exquisite sculpture garden this morning and thru the entire Borgese Museo… which has an UNBELIEVABLE Bernini sculpture collection. But after 5 hours on the foot I needed a break.

The good part about landing an Italian boyfriend- is that when you get hurt he takes care of you.

So this afternoon- while it’s raining with a furry- I am at home writing and drinking wine and taking pain killers- while Alejandro has gone to the store to buy food to make us lunch and take care of me.

I’m no doctor- but I’d say I’ve got the system here wired.

Ps: remember that construction worker I told you about- he was making a light- and it’s so fucking cool I can’t even tell you: there is a maginifiing glass thru the center of the tube- and it creates the MOST bitchin effect ever. I fucking love Rome. A totally unnecessary but fabulous detail. They just get it here.

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