Sunday, September 12, 2004


Well, I’m not sure how exactly it all came about- but I’m going to London. I have my apartment until the 21st- and that afternoon, Alejandro and I are going to the land of the queen, and the spice girls- of pounds, brits, big ben and pints for a week. It was nothing I had anticipated happening on this trip- but I suppose that’s the beauty of having no real expectations.

Alejandro has had the last two days off- and now that he is finally back at work I am rising from the vortex that has been this week.

He doesn’t speak English very well, and god knows I can’t speak Italian- but I speak a little Spanish and between the two we get by.

There is a car in Italy called the “smart car.” It’s one of these tiny two seat cars that makes a mini look like a Cadillac… anyway- here is an example of one of our conversations.

“I think that he's smart” I say

“What is this word Smart?- smart is a car no?”

“Si, pero Smart also means intelligent- como intelligente-“

“Intelligente?- but Smart is a stupid car….”

And he’s right. The it IS a stupid car.

I am almost half way thru my trip. Blah!!!

Today I am going to go to the park- Villa Borgese to draw and read. Then I think I’ll go have a huge fancy lunch. And then- perhaps a nap and I’ll write for a little while. Then I need to go visit my friends at the pub. And then- Alejandro will get off work- and we will have dinner…. And then bed.

Life in Rome is nice. Too bad it’s not reality.


amyfronch said...

I have a smart car, so there.
Mego forwarded me the boy update--so cute, so fun!
I am so happy for you Chasers, keep on living the Italian dream, love, screw, and let it all effect you way down deep.
I love you, Ames

Justin O said...

Ahhhh, London with Alejandro.
Pete and Sally wanted me to tell you that they miss you but are having a great time while mom is away. Pete was a little taken by the news of Alejandro but you know how men are. We were sure you had tons of photos of the kids in your wallet to show Alejandro but they wanted to be sure (just in case).

Justin O