Friday, September 03, 2004


It's so fucking wierd that I keep waking up here in rome- it's just so odd. I mean, I know a month isn't long- but today it feels like I'm gonna be here forever.

I explored for hours today... totally stumbled into the trevi fountain, and went to the parthenon where I sat and read for hours...then followed a couple for a while...finally ate at a restuarant that I read about first (so far I haven't had the best luck finding the places I read about- I do better just roaming and settle on some hole in the wall when I become starving). Just in case your wondering I had brushetta with fucking TRUFFLES and thier house specialty: fettucini with mushrooms and peas. Holy shit was that good... Gonna have to have some meat and fish for a few days here, or I'm gonna gone home one big fucking porco...(actually all this walking in this heat has me sweating like a porco too...)

Maybe it's the fact that I'm menstural as hell and that I've been combating crippiling cramps all day- but I am definatly a little home sick- not for the cities but for the people. I miss Damaris and Carter...and holy shit do I miss my cats. But I think it's so good for someone as social as me to not be near anyone I know. And I'm not really meeting anyone- I just, don't feel like it, and I don't speak itilian for shit- and well, I haven't had a real conversation in days. And I think I am going thru withdrawl.

But I keep telling myself it's all part of it. And it is. I wrote a funny story yesterday, and after I write this I am going to draw the coloseo...

It's REALLY FUCKING HOT here. And that makes the middle of the day brutal. So I came home around 3 and took myself a shower and a nap.

Vacation is good.

Send me emails- I miss you guys. And yes, the phone is still fucked up, I'll get around to fixing it..... someday.

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