Thursday, September 16, 2004


It’s raining cats and dogs over here. Awesome huge powerful roman thunder- the whole fucking city shakes- it’s spectacular. Dangerous as shit on the vespa though- I’m not sure about what I’ll do today if this keeps up too much- it’s fantastic out there. I was thinking about it and I absolutely cannot remember the last time it rained- anywhere- Rome LA…. Anywhere. It’s been hot and sunny over my head for SO LONG. The rain feels great.

Saturday is something called Notte Bianca- the white night. And it’s gonna be great- it is an all night festival where all the museums- and the monuments- the buses- the metro, shops bars- everything- it all stays open all night long- and everything is free. Rome is really big on entertainment and keeping it’d Romans happy- there is so much free music and performances- free theater- just tons of things to keep you entertained- Saturday night is just an example. So it’s gonna be fun. (although last year they had a blackout for almost 18 hours right smack in the middle of the night- apparently it was total madness)

Yesterday I watched these two construction workers put up- what I know believe to be a special temporary light for Saturday night. But I was watching them work and they were just – so fucking Italian. First of all- they showed up to the metro station across the street from my apt- and they pulled their truck up DIRECTLY onto the sidewalk. No cones- no tape- just parked right half way up on the curb. And then with this enormous crane they lifted a steel tube (about 3ft diameter- 15 feet long) up over the sidewalk and onto the roof of the station. Now- if this shit had happened in the states- there would have been hard hats- comes- barricades- probably a cop or two and defiantly a permit.

Not so in Rome. (They’re so FUCKING laid back here). They just hoisted that fucker up and over the wall- wearing flip flops and smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. My favorite was as they were sawing the end of the tube- (at the time it seemed like jagged nonsense- Now it looks like a flame) The tube started to roll because the guy who was supposed to be holding the thing had knocked his beer over –and just abandoned his post to get another one.

It was truly priceless. If that shit happened in the states..fuck tiper gore and her buddies would have to probably call an emergency PTA meeting and have someone sued. SOMEONE’S GOT TO PAY…. What about the children????

Ahh- It’s nice to be away. I think the rain has let up.

Hope all is well at home.

Keep in touch.

Ciao ciao.

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