Sunday, September 26, 2004


...that I am still on vacation.

I mean seriously how is this still possible? Does anyone else feel like I've been gone for ages?

Jesus Christ, I mean- I can't even remember what half of you look like anymore. I've really gotten used to this life style- wake up, take it slow, figure out what I want to do- consult the map, then forget the map and go have an adventure.

The thought of going home makes me want to cry.

I mean- it will be nice to sleep in my bed, use MY bathroom, and spoon my cats. But beyond that- shit. I mean- I miss Damaris so much some time I want to explode. I wish she was here with me. But really the rest of it I don't miss. And then sometimes I do.

It's just- I still have something like 15 days till I get home. (In my first 15 days in Rome I had practically lived a life time)

I am just.... I am just grateful. To the universe for letting me have this much need time to reflect and sort and play. And I am grateful for my friends who have written me so much to keep me connected, and I am grateful for the world sending me Ali, and Rome, and the chance to have something wonderful land in my lap, and a chance to start over.

And I just can't believe it's still going.

I mean jesus christ- how good can it get????

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