Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Wow it's so wierd to be in a english speaking country. All the advertisments and stores and radio and televsion and conversations come rushing at me like a tital wave of TOO MUCH AT ONCE. Holy shit- I have been in the dark for 3 weeks- deafly ambling the most beautiful streets in the world and now- in the hustle and bustle of London little overwhelmed.

But having on hell of a time.

Didn't get to london until today- showed up a bit early to the airport yesterday- like a full fucking day early. Christ almighty. I'm such a stupid girl sometimes. I swear i thought the ticket said the 21st. How about the 22nd... Got all the way to airport and everything, Gave me a lot to laugh about ALL DAY LONG... Oh well- spent the day in Rome and had a picnic in the park with alejandro and it was amazing- then I went to the cinema- saw Catwoman in Italian. Thank god it wasn't in English is all I can least it made it interesting.

Got here to a whirlwind of madness- found a cheap hostel but only got the room for the night- going to have to sort out different lodging for the morning... Fun times.

It's really wild to be here- it's so much like the states- starbucks virgin, KFC, Burger's nuts. But I think it's good to have a week here to begin the assimilation back to familliar culture. I am glad I get to go back to rome for a week. I miss it a little bit.

TOmmorrow we adventure. I can't wait to explore London and all of this. Plus it is really empowering to SPEAK THE LANGAGE. I feel like I can do anything here- except that it's so bloddy expensive I could die. In addition to already being pricy it's two dollars to every pound. Tough times.

Anyway- will write more later- to all that emailed me- don't have time to resond- but I love you and will write more soon.

Caio, cheers...whatever.

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megan said...

ouch. that's right. super expensive. well, just one pair of office shoes then i guess. :)
be sure to go to that store. dude, i'm telling you, you'll die! and eat at wagamama. yummy.
have a blast.