Saturday, September 04, 2004


my first really lazy day- slept in- way in. I was supposed to go to the beach with my new brit friends today- but I can't tell you the freedom I felt when I realized this morning that I didn't have to DO anything. The Spanish steps would be there tomorrow- I can get a cell phone chip any day- I laid in bed and read, and then I wrote for 3 hours- and then I went back to sleep. It was delicious. I'll probably go out and try to find some of my new friends tonight...maybe we'll go to the beach tomorrow- either way I think it's hi time for me to rent a scooter....

The traffic is totally awesome here- it is exactly how I would drive if I didn't have any laws to abide by. Which is essentially what’s going on here- it's amazing.

Anyway- it's 5:30 pm and I still haven't eaten today- I gotta go have some pizza or something.

Hope this finds you all well- thanks for your emails from the last blog- but I'm doing fine. Fucking great actually.

Talk soon.


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dstar said...

so i figured out this blog thing. sort of. but here i am writing to you on it.
Of course you made brit friends. You love the brits. i think it is great. just becuase you are in Italy, doesn't mean you have to surround your self with italians. I am having a lazy day as well. i went to jareds at 1am last night , for i had not seen him in 6 days. he was already asleep so i went to sleep. waking up to sweet lovelyness. and then he made me breakfast-Omlette, fresh fruit, O.J. and coffee. i am stuffed. and then i came to my house to check email, and it feels like i have been at my computer for hours reding your entire blog. it is so great.
The Kitties are great. we played in the yard all day yeasterday. Zoe came over, and we paper matted eachothers faces. really fun, and then BBQ'd. fish cabobs, italian hot sauge, and salad. and then we baked a spice cake. box recipe. it was fun. but i miss you.
it is 99 degrees here today. the heat wave is offical.
oh my god Kobe's case got dropped. he paid off the girl-probably 2 million, and appoligized. of course, but everyone is happy. it is just annoying that is took so long. oh and Clinton had a heart attack, and has to get a triple by-pass. people were lined up at his hospital in new york doing candle light vijals.
it's hot. i am sweating.
maybe i should go to the beach.
its labor day weekend, and the streets are packed. people are everywhere! maybe i will just hang out in your back yard.
i love lazy days.
miss you
oh tell me about qiuwi damaris. was that funny?