Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I got up super early this morning and got tickets to go see the pope and be blessed by him. I was so surreal. There I sat in this big ol room- with about 12 thousand people- all totally freaking out that the point of all their pilgrimages was about to be fulfilled. People had signs and pictures- one whole group of Russians were totally decked out from head to toe in some insane traditional garb, one dude had a loaf of bread. And there were husband and brides…like a lot of them…people I guess who came to be blessed in marriage. Couldn’t figure out if it was the day of the wedding- or after…it was weird. Cuz they were in their dresses and shit…veils and all. (the dresses looked dirty- so it could have been after the wedding- cuz isn’t it bad luck to see her in her dress before? But why would anyone put the dress back on?)

Either way it was some of the best people watching I’ve ever had this morning. Absolutely terrific.

So there I was. Listening to my ipod and reading a memoir about a young man who is discovering his homosexuality. And I kid you not- as I sat in the Vatican and waited for the pope I read a particularly graphic scene about this young man loosing his virginity in a not to subtle way…. Let’s just say I don’t imagine anyone has read anything quite that “colorful” in that hall ever before.

Anyway- and then after sitting there for the better part of the morning- out he came- with his little hat and his shinny white wheelchair. And they put a microphone in front of him- and you cannot believe the sound that came out of this man. He should be on life support. Not giving a sermon in SIX DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. As if the first time wasn’t enough….

Anyway- everyone around me was crying and praising this lord and that one..and it was really something else.

I am so glad I went.

Then I spent about 9 hours in the Vatican looking at one god damned masterpiece after another. Raphael was a genius. And the sisteen chapel…(not quite as amazing the 2nd time around…) and the whole day was amazing.

But right now I am so over saturated with jesus and all his buddies – all I can think is mommy needs a pint.

Hope this is finding all of you well.


Ps: public apologies to both Carter and Damaris who got the drunk dial the other night. Tough stuff.

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