Sunday, September 19, 2004


Do as the Romans do, of course- and if that means staying up until 6 in the morning and wandering around from one pub to another- gathering in crowds of thousands- watching cirque du solie for free with about 30,000 other people perform on the Spanish steps- Then god damn it DO IT.

What a night- do you remember that English football match in the 80’s where everyone died because they squished each other to death?

There was a moment in the piazza spanga (Spanish steps) that I honestly was so squished and surrounded by so many people- and I wasn’t moving- but WE were moving as a solid mass of hundreds of people…. It was insane. Times square on new years eve insane.

People come from all over Europe for Notte Bianco…. It was really wild.

Had a great time.

Savagely hung over this morning- and the cruel thing about Italy is- on Sunday everything is closed- cafes, stores, everything: so if you happen to be me: a girl who woke up at 2:30 and wants to call clair, or hugh or alejandro- but cant cuz her phone is dead (allright I called the states twice on my cell phone…fuck it) and I can’t get a new card because it’s Sunday- and I am desperate for a coffee and a slice of pizza- but all the fucking cafĂ©’s are closed… so you go to the only place that is open.

The intrnet point and you type into your computer and try not to think about how fucking thirsty you are…..

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