Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I’m a bit hung over today- I found myself surrounded by everyone I know in Rome last night and that made me feel like celebrating. I really have made some good friends here- people to keep in touch with that’s for sure.

Last night the main topic of conversation was “how do we keep Chase in Rome…”

Oh man do I never want to leave this place. (and it’s not just because I don’t have to work and I get to do whatever I want all day long…. But that certainly doesn’t hurt). I have a lot of friends who work as tour guides…and it seems like a really great under the table way to survive here…they have all offered to teach me the tours and I could live here- and get an apartment –(this time not in the expensive tourist area…) and maintain my fantasy life….. then I was offered a job down at the pub as well- I’m serious, all signs point to me staying.

I loose my apartment next week and I think it will be whole new thing here without it… But I am going to London for a week and then I will have only a few days left- I will probably stay with Alejandro…. I am probably going to extend my stay by at least a week.

God damn bills- if I didn’t have an apartment, a car and a foot high stack of bills I’d never come home.

Enough about leaving – good god it’s depressing: OK- so yesterday I went to the Etruscan Museum at my friend Loren’s suggestion. What a marvel- the most amazing wonderful treasures… god it was so beautiful. And I have to say listening to classical music on the ipod- is really a nice thing in a museum like that. Just next store to that is the Museum of Modern Art. Which is my favorite- so I went in there- holy shit. I mean- you don’t really come to Rome to see modern art- modern here is the last 500 years…but that being said they had some wonderful pieces- and a whole touring Duchamp show which was a total treat. Not to mention the most exquisite singular sculpture I have ever seen.

Just thinking about it I suspect I’ll have to back there… it was amazing.

SO then I had a hankering for St Peters Square. I just really like it there- amazing people watching…(I love the bible bumpers) so I rode over there on my vespa- when a bus cut me off (welcome to Rome) and I damn near was projected into oncoming traffic…. It was a high light of the day…..

But so it started to rain- and there I was with on my vespa just getting wet- oh man it was awesome. Sat in the square for a while.

Been doing a lot of that. Just sitting. Thinking. Absorbing. Being still. It’s a nice contrast to my hectic life in LA.

Then I did a little shopping. Didn’t buy anything though. Actually I haven’t bought ANYTHING in Rome. Well- I did buy some puffy Jesus stickers because they were insane- and I’ve gotten some lighters- but other than that nothing. I just can’t be bothered. But FYI- the BEST place to but great Rome tourist crap is at the stores near the Vatican- they are filled with amazing glittery ceramic models of the pope and Jesus and- really amazing lighters and all that crap. I suspect I will go there before I leave and stock up.

I am going on walking tour of “Rome at night” tonight led by my friend Jill- she is from Philadelphia- and is great. It’s nice to have an American friend. Although I love the brits- and I’m doing great with the Italians- there really is something to say about being from the same place…just being able to talk. REALLY just gab- use phrases like- “hey just looking out for number one” and not have to do any explaining at all. It’s nice. And a welcome change… I spend a lot of time explaining what I’m talking about. Especially when the west coast in me comes out- the brits take such a piss when I use phrases like: “I reckon”, or “dude man that fucking rules”, or “I’ve got a hankering” or “Gnarly” and I got a full on public bashing when I said “ya’ll” a few nights ago.… any way. Fucking bastard friends of mine.

Any how. Going to pick up the equivalent of the weekly here and see what’s going on…. I hear that Roman Holiday is playing at the cinema. I think I’d like to see that on the big screen in Rome. Sounds delicious right?

Hope everyone’s good.

Love you all


ps: If your ever on via leonina here – stop at the tratorria across from the flower stand and order the filet of beef in wine sauce. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.

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