Monday, September 06, 2004


I went to the beach!! I realized I had never swam in the Mediterranean- and I just felt that that needed to be reminded pronto. SO my new friend and I rented a scooter and drove to the beach and had such a fun time. The water was AMAZING. After a day on a scooter I’ve realized there is so way to do this city but on a scooter- it’s like LA without a car- fuck that. So I am renting one today for the next two weeks- and I think I’ll really be able to see the city now. Plus it’s so fucking hot- you get a little cooled down by the breeze… plus the streets are so narrow and small- you kind of have to be on a scooter- even the tiny cars feel huge here.

I found out the pope does his mass blessing on Wednesday morning- I’m totally gonna go there and get blessed. Awesome. Bless us heathens….

I’ve officially been here a week and I’m getting quite settled in- I’m not going to want to leave- I can tell. Which sucks but- it’s ok- that’s life eh. I am writing lots, and reading, and drawing and eating very very well, and in about an hour I’ll be on my vespa saying ciao as I zoom by.

Very Eddie izzard.

By the way- today is my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary- which id totally fucking amazing. Good on you folks. Well done.

Be in touch soon.

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shonita said...

Okay, I finally have a moment of peace. I have two little crawling babies that are into absolutely anything and all I have time for is a quick read of the emails you've posted and then I am off to get Rio out of the dishwasher and Ze out of the Yucca plant....Aye aye aye...I must admit I have composed many an email to you at 4:30 or so in the morning as I am wide awake with two sweet little wide awake babies...and I wanted to say so much more as you were driving to the ariport off to Rome...and i will continue with more news later tonight. loving you and loving you in Rome-Chase Fasone!