Thursday, September 02, 2004


My first night here and I have already had such an adventure…. Beyond the fact that I was sure my cell phone would work.. and now I‘m quite sure I can’t dial out…. Urgggg. But I got here, found my apartment, got totally situated and thought I’d wander for a while. Cut to me in a car with some strange man named David who is a nurse, he decided to drive me to a far away place to eat amazing- only-in-Roma pizza for no money at all- far away from the touristas.. and then to see the piazza nuvona and to another bar and still to yet another… oh dear…. Making friends already- he kissed me, wanted much more- I had to tell him no way- no how. Oh and did I mention that I don’t speak Italian nor him English. Thank god I am a big gesturer….

I’ve decided Fasone is a lot easier to say than Carter.

Thusly I’ve become Chase Fasone.

Viva Roma.

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