Saturday, September 11, 2004


Fuck paris- Rome is the most romantic city in the world. At night all the coloseum and the forum and all the fountains and the piazza’s, and the partheon are all lit up and it so remarkably breathtakingly beautiful. The trevi fountain in the middle of the night- when no one is there- and it is all lit up and you have the whole place to yourself is the most majestic place in the world. It is like a dream. I feel like I am living in a movie… On my vespa with my map and my dreams.

It’s funny to be aware that you are in the middle of a life changing event…it’s strange. To know that you are having one of the best times of your life and realize that its happening- and you are right in the thick of. And there is still time left- but I can sense the end approaching. And I am trying not to think about it- leaving here. Everyday I just focus on the here and the now. And it’s SO MUCH. But it’s mine, and even if I write here- it doesn’t begin to explain how alive this is.

Ahhh Roma.

PS: Some of my brits friends are throwing a "9/11" party tonight. They weren't sure at first if they should tell the American about it.... I think it's a great idea no?? Sick, but great.

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