Thursday, February 10, 2005


Who cares... I fucking wanna kill some shit. Fuck this whole apartment search. I found an apartment. (haven't said anything cuz I didn't want to jinx it) It's perfect in every way- two bedrooms, balcony, quiet street, laundry fridge, stove , separate kitchen, bath...the whole nine, awesome neighborhood- expensive but still a deal... yea well I saw that little beauty three days ago. Put money down...filled out the app... whole thing. STILL HAVEN'T HEARD.

Fucking hell. I'm from America. And not just anywhere. I'm from Hollywood. I could have built an entire apartment COMPLEX in as long as it's taken for me to hear. I know it's time to slow down and all- but I feel like I just sprinted into a wall of wet cement.

It's not that I didn't get it, or that it's not mine or that I won't or whatever. it's just italy. and shit like this just TAKES 5 days. That's all. The landlord has to think about it, and the real estate agent has the flu..... oh and what the fuck.

So do I keep looking in case it falls thru? DO I just wait till I hear, then if it does fall thru and I've been sitting here with my dick in my hand? So I keep looking- of course I do- I keep looking. But you know I FOUND my apartment... that's my house- I know it- so why bother? It's a fucking steal- it's perfect! But I have to look. SO I do. and all it is, is more crap after crap after crap. (it's awesome!)

And now I can't sleep- what if I don't get. SLEEP CHASE. Can't sleep. SLEEP.

Ahhh PMS- lets throw a side order of that shit in just to spice it up.

AHHHH small room with foreign boyfriend man!!!!! 2 cats, 5 people, one dog. Cat hair, dog hair, HUMAN hair!!!!!!!

Stay the course chase, stay the course.

So I go out, and get all crazy- have a blast discover new shit, make new friends... trying to DO stuff when all I want to do is unpack, get a phone line and hunker down and nest for a while. Set up shop, get to work.

I'll get the apartment soon. I mean, I hope. I'm suppose to call in two hours.

SO anyway. That's my day today.


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amyfronch said...

Don't you feel better now that you got it off your chest, instead of holding that all inside? Aaaaaah. Much better.