Sunday, February 06, 2005


I’ve been waiting for what it feels like is my whole life to say the following words.


And it’s perfect. It’s baby blue/ teal... it’s totally mint and delicious, it runs great.. it had a crack in the glass which I already replaced, and a crack in the fender which I am ordering tomorrow… It’s a 2000, it has 9044 km on it… it was owned buy a woman who just got pregnant and so…for a mere $550 euros ($740) that little beauty is mine!!!

It’ is 50cc which means it’s like equivalent of a one cylinder or something like that… I took that baby out on the highway- and she topped out at around 70k.. which is about 45mph. Sweet. For those of you familiar with my relationship with the California DMV, I’m sure you are relieved to know that even if I wanted to I COULDN’T speed…


Check a picture of the little beauty here

It’s totally awesome and amazing. I can’t believe I just drive around with enormous shit eating grin on my face… Oh I also bought a sweet new helmet… so I am ready to go!

One mission accomplished. Next up, apartment, learn Italian, get a job.

No problem.



ps: jesus chase want some cheese with you WHINE? I blogged when I was in a mood. Sorry for the sob story. Such a pussy…

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amyfronch said...

Congrats, Chase on Wheels! The vespa sounds awesome, especially the color scheme, which is tres Santa Monica. And you'll find somewhere to live. Don't think small, think cozy. Like crawling into a teapot. Or an earflap.