Monday, February 14, 2005


Oh I got it alright- INFLUENSIA!!!

That’s right bitch I am sick as a dog. Spent the last 2 full days in bed, but then had to get up and move into my new apt today (in the rain no less).

But the good news is, I’m in, I’m home in Rome…not I have to just relax and get healthy. Gonna just unpack and take it easy over the next few days. Too sick to do anything else, and the cold medicine here, well, sucks shall we say. (not to mention you CAN'T get medicine on the weekends.- Pharmacys are closed on the weekend... turns out friday night is like the worst time in the week to get sick...lucky me)

I would say If the mission was to take myself as far way from my comfort zone as possible, than I would say, especially after this weekend.



amyfronch said...

Poor lil' Chase. That always happens when you go, go, go and then arrive at where you were going---the nasty illness. Feel better. And congrats again on the apartment-o.

JWOfficer said...

Influenza is a motherfucker! I bet the Italian strain is a real bitch. Let me know if you need me to Fed Ex some "kick you in the face" American medicine ;-)... and a couple lighters.

I am just now up to speed with the last weeks happenings and want to give you a high five for taking it in strides and making it happen.

Ask the welsh guy "If Rome is such a shit hole what are you doing here? Oh right, your from Wales" PIP PIP.....
Some people just don’t get it.

You rock ! Feel better and kiss the kitties for me.
PS- Kate will be in Rome next month