Tuesday, February 15, 2005


So feeling a bit better today, not a ton…but some. Woke up at home!!! Strange. A new home. But I feel comfortable. And the cats- my little troopers. They looked at me yesterday as I put them in their cages…like, “Your joking… HOW are we moving AGAIN??? Well…as long as your going…take me with you”

So we moved… in the rain, via cab. It’s so odd that everything I own can fit in a cab. I mean, 4 suitcases, a cardboard box, one small bag and 2 cat crates… but shit, I’m mobile baby.

So we got in a taxi, after a very long and cold wait… but we got in, and I realized. I WAS IN A CAR. I haven’t been in a car in 2 WEEKS. Now you east coasters, this may not seem like a big deal… but being from LA… 14 days is an eternity not to be in a car. It was kinda weird. I got in and though…this is not a Vespa….

It was funny. So we got home…head spinning with sickness, and tired and cold…I unpacked a bit, and then hunkered down in bed and watched Finding Nemo and Arthur and then fell deep deep asleep. Perfect. (until Shoni called at 3:30 am…”what’s the time difference?” Awesome)

And I got up this morning- still sick, but light years better, and I moved in fully.

Still haven’t nailed the good kitty litter here. Still searching. Most of it either tracks ALL OVER THE PLACE or is DUSTY ASS HELL. So… anyway. Once that little glitch is ironed out…we’ll be in business. Also I need a closet. The only closet is in the extra room. Which is fine for now- but at some point I’m gonna rent it out, and I’m not going to have any hanging room. SO that will need to be solved fairly quickly.

The apt came furnished, and with most items necessary. But it’s missing the strangest things… like dishes. Pots pans, silverware, glasses..sure. But no plates. So odd. So I found some at this shitty little market, 5 or 50 cents. I was like, SOLD! But how odd is that? Oh and how about this- no shower curtain… that’s weird right? But other things, like a box of salt, and vinegar… but no plates. Italy.

I need to go to the grocery story… I have some food, but I need detergent to wash, and things like tacks to hang things and all of that. Extension cords…oh yes, and a shower curtain.

I’ve posted a few pictures of my new apt so you can take a look at your leisure. I apologize for the blank walls… I am gonna have to solve that PRONTO (to use an Italian word).

SO now I just need to get healthy, and then I need to focus all my energy school and a job. I actually got some info about teaching English… could be interesting. I’ve never done anything like that before… but right now I just need a nap. This cold isn’t completely gone. And so with that- I will talk to you soon.

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