Tuesday, February 01, 2005


…Set, go.

So here it is- I am sitting in a rocking chair over looking the tarmac in Philadelphia- happy, calm, ready. In the ultimate display of good omens, as I walked into the airport- “Don’t stop believing” by journey was playing in the terminal. Wow. It was the good sign I was waiting for.

So all is good, the cats are checked in- and I feel good. We are on time and it’s all good. Some slight delay with boarding… some supply delay- whatever. Shouldn’t be too long.

I don’t know. I’m ready, I’m not afraid. I’m set, happy, GOOD TO GO.

And so. Here I go.

And with that I say- ariveaderchi.

Thank you all for the support, the love and the friendship. I promise I will be in touch. More than you know.

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