Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I live in Rome.

After a tough day of wanting to sleep all day yesterday- I made it until about 9pm and then PASSED OUT. The cats are total little soldiers. They’re fine!! We are such a team the three of us. We made it thru customs no problem. The guy questioned me slightly- 4 bags and two cats… “how long are you staying?” TWO MONTHS, I said. As though all this of stuff was hardly enough for such a long time. He bought it. The funniest thing- trying to convince the cab driver that the cats weren’t going to shit in his cab. I was like- look, just start driving and we’ll have a hell of a lot better chance that they wont. (Sally did take a massive piss the second she saw the cat box. Good little girl. She made it.)

Alejandro is a sweet heart- It’s great to see him. Not sure he’s the man of my dreams necessarily, but god damn I don’t know what I’d do with out him. I just sort of broke down last night. All this sadness about moving and missing my parents and my friends and my family… I feel like I’ve been trying not to cry for weeks. And when I finally got here I just sort of collapsed into him ( I think he was a little overwhelmed… but it was such a relief to FINALLY BE HERE).

He’s funny though- he’s happy I’m here- and wants me to stay with him but doesn’t want me to move any of his things. Boys. How am I supposed to live at his apartment for however long it will be without moving a few things? I’m not talking a lot- but it’s like- can we move those candles that haven’t been lit in a year- so I can put my lotion and hair brush there? Good grief. I can’t remember who it was that I was talking to about whether or not he would have cleared out a drawer or two for me…well I won- because of course he didn’t. (For those of you lucky enough to have spent 4 hours with me packing the other day- you will be happy to know I have completely rearranged all my suitcases AGAIN to accommodate living out of them. Ahhhhhh.)

That aside, it’s great to be here. I didn’t leave the apartment today. I had a much needed long winters nap with the cats. As I said I went to bed at 9p and then woke up bright eyed and ready to go at 1am. So I took an ambien (thank you dad) and slept till 10am. Perfect. I was going to get up and go out- but its SO FUCKING COLD here. I said fuck it and Pete and sally and I slept till 2p. Alejandro was at work all day- so Lena (his roommate with the dog) and I hung out. She’s totally fucking awesome. We made fun of Alejandro and all his funny beauty products. She also wanted to make sure I understood that I was totally welcome here as long as I needed to stay- such a sweet heart. For those of you that don’t know- she has a dog- and stupid Alejandro (who I adore, don’t get me wrong) didn’t tell them I was bringing my cats until 10 days before I arrived. And they were pissed, naturally. I mean, a house guest is one thing, a house guest with animals is totally different. Plus they didn’t know how the dog was going to be around cats… and blah blah blah. Good grief- what a stress out that was. Stupid boys. So, anyway she wanted me also to know that I am totally welcome- and all that madness was about Alejandro and not me. She was very sweet. So she and I spent the day together- smoking cigarettes, drinking espressos, and laughing, looking at pictures… getting to know each other. I like her. She and I are very much relieved because her dog and my cats are getting along. I don’t think I will be leaving the cats out of the room when I’m not home- but while I’m here they are welcome to wander the house- which was a major concern of mine- that is now put to rest.

It’s funny. I spent so much energy and nervousness on getting here- I forgot about all the hard work it was going to take ONCE I GOT HERE. Now that I am here it’s like- holy shit I have a lot to do. But a vespa, get an apartment, get a job, and oh yea learn Italian. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t a little overwhelmed. But it’s ok. Really. I think that’s also why I slept in and have ended up not leaving the house today. It was so much work getting out of town- and now that I’m here and I can visualize the long road ahead- I just needed a fucking day off- you know?

The cats are happy!!! I can’t believe how OK they are. Right now sally is on top of the closet on her “miss Sally Sue” bed, (the highest spot in the room, of course) and Peter is sleeping next to me on the bed. It’s like- as long as we’re together- we’re gonna be fine. It’s awesome. I love them- and I feel so safe with them here. Best thing I ever did bringing them with me. Totally worth the Shingles.

So then. I bought the newspaper yesterday where I find the Vespas and the Apartments. Holy fuck. Talk about overwhelming. I don’t speak Italian. Imaging for a moment trying to decipher classified ads in a different language. Good god- what a head ache. So that is the big project tomorrow. Figure that out. I know in my heart everything will work out- Alejandro and his partner are on the job helping me find a good vespa- and I know me and my cats will find a perfect little home- and I’ve heard of lots or Italian classes that are free, and fuck- work will happen. It’s just , you know, a lot.

I miss my friends. And what sucks is I know that missing them is going to get a lot harder, and not easier. And that blows.

But it’s gonna be great. Cuz I’m doing it. And I’m fine. And I’m excited, and (not to quote Cameron Crowe) but it’s all happening. Amazing.

So that’s it. I love you all, and Italy rocks. Can’t wait till I tell you about my awesome new Vespa. That’s top of the list. Woo Hoo!!!!!



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dstar said...

its like that judy bloom book
"just as long as we're together"
italian kittys, pasta and cigarettes.
i think your on to something.
the o.c. was crazy last night, the drama continues.
i cant even handle how skinny everyone is getting.
and i cant waite for some dike out sessions.